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Vegetarian Khana is a collection of time tested everyday vegetarian recipes.

The main focus of this blog is on vegetarian home cooked food. These are no gourmet recipes which require you to go shopping for exotic ingredients. These are simple everyday recipes which can be made with the ingredients available at home and are a quick and healthy meal.

This blog will appeal to people who are new to cooking, who do not have time to cook elaborate meals and are looking for quick and healthy home made food, and who like to try out new dishes with leftover food.

My blog is a mix of authentic family recipes and all the experiments I have in the kitchen. These are the recipes I have grown up eating.

Most of the recipes on this blog are Indian. Though I experiment a lot with Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean and English food, the focus right now is on time tested family recipes.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and come back for more. I will try to keep posting recipes frequently.

You can browse through the recipes, save them for future use and stay connected through Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to be updated every time there is a new post, you can subscribe to the blog.

I have also included a Tips section which also includes Hindi to English translation of ingredients. I will try to update it as the blog progresses.

Comments: I love hearing from people who visit here and welcome any kind of feedback as long as it is respectful and constructive.

Pictures: All the pictures in the recipes are taken by me with my camera phone. They aren’t great but I am sure, like my culinary journey, they too will get interesting over time.

Disclaimer: The recipes might not turn out as depicted due to various reasons like freshness of ingredients, quantity mismatch, quality of products or lack of proper cooking. I assume the reader of this blog has basic cooking skills.

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