Raw Mango Rice (Kairi Ke Chawal)

Raw mango rice is the summer version of tamarind rice or lemon rice. Cooked rice is mixed with a paste made of raw mango, urad dal, chana dal and ground nuts. Summers in Hyderabad can get super hot and my mom’s way to avoid getting into the kitchen is to cook dishes that can be… Continue reading Raw Mango Rice (Kairi Ke Chawal)

Quick Bisi Bele Bath

Bisibele bath is a dish from Karnataka but also popular in Hyderabad. It’s a spicy and sour mix of rice and lentils.  My mom uses left over rice and dal to make excellent instant bisi bele bath. It’s a quick makeover to the left over dal rice. Just add some mixed vegetables, spices and you… Continue reading Quick Bisi Bele Bath

Rotli Nu Chaas Valu Shaak (Leftover Rotis in Spiced Buttermilk)

Rotli nu chaas valu shaak is leftover rotis cooked in yogurt and few spices. It is like a quick and easier form of dal dhokli. Some days are just lazy when you don’t feel like cooking but you still want to eat something healthy and tasty. In a place like Singapore where vegetarian food is… Continue reading Rotli Nu Chaas Valu Shaak (Leftover Rotis in Spiced Buttermilk)

Dal Dhokli (Fresh whole Wheat Pasta in Lentils Gravy)

Dal dhokli for me is the Indian version of ravioli pasta. This is just spicier and healthier. For those who haven’t heard of it, it is fresh homemade whole wheat pasta in lentils gravy. You want a simpler explanation? In my mom’s words, it is a perfect dish to finish off the leftover dal at… Continue reading Dal Dhokli (Fresh whole Wheat Pasta in Lentils Gravy)

Leftover Roti Snack

  What started as a snack made from leftover rotis, is now a regular breakfast item in my kitchen. I make extra rotis the previous night to have this breakfast. It is spicy, crunchy, healthy, and quick. Fresh curry leaves add more crunch and flavor to this snack. Tear/crush the curry leaves a little to… Continue reading Leftover Roti Snack

Masala Rice

I call this a leftover makeover dish. Leftover rice has multiple uses and this is the most popular one at my home. Recooking it with  simple everyday spices and seasonal vegetables or herbs gives rice a completely new look and taste. Every family has a different version of this rice. My mom adds a twist to… Continue reading Masala Rice