Bharwan Bhindi

Bharwan bhindi is a spicy curry from Hyderabad. Bhindi is cooked with salan like gravy made with ground nut, sesame seeds, tamarind paste, and spices. Tamarind is an important part of my family recipes. I remember my mom keeping a stock of tamarind water and ground peanuts and sesame seeds always. This gravy goes well… Continue reading Bharwan Bhindi

Paneer Capsicum Masala Restaurant Style

Paneer is a must order curry for most of us when we eat out and it is also one of the most cooked dishes in my kitchen. I have done innumerable experiments (some were successful too) to cook restaurant style capsicum paneer gravy and never came as close as this one. Got this recipe from a… Continue reading Paneer Capsicum Masala Restaurant Style

Ker Sangri

Ker sangri is one of the most popular dishes from Rajasthan.  Ker sangri are dried berries and beans which are found in abundance in the desert. They do not look edible at first look but you have to taste this curry to know why it is so popular in Rajasthani cuisine. It is a part… Continue reading Ker Sangri

Rajasthani Dana Methi Sabji (Dried Fenugreek Seeds Curry)

Dana Methi ki sabji or Fenugreek seeds curry is an authentic Rajasthani curry made with dry fenugreek seeds, dried fruits like dates, cashews, and raisins, and sugar or jaggery. People in Rajasthan depend a lot of dried foods like fenugreek seeds, and ker sangri due to the hot weather and unavailability of fresh vegetables. These… Continue reading Rajasthani Dana Methi Sabji (Dried Fenugreek Seeds Curry)

Hyderabadi Baghare Baigan (Brinjal Curry)

Brinjal curry or Baghare Baigan as known in Hyderabad is a local delicacy. Brinjals are cooked in sour and spicy gravy made of sesame seeds, groundnut seeds, tamarind paste and coconut. There are lot of variants of this recipe but this particular one is my mom’s recipe. Though I don’t like brinjals but this is… Continue reading Hyderabadi Baghare Baigan (Brinjal Curry)

Rajasthani Saag Rotla

Rajasthan’s cuisine is as rich, colourful, and royal as the place itself. One of my sisters in law is from Jaipur and she introduced me to this winter dish called Saag rotla. It is a cauliflower and peas curry cooked in pure ghee and orange juice. It is served with thick rotis (called rotla) made… Continue reading Rajasthani Saag Rotla

Paneer Capsicum Masala

Paneer is one of the favorite vegetarian curries at the restaurants. This Indian version of cottage cheese is full of protein. It is a different story that the rich and heavy gravy they prepare at the restaurants almost negates the health benefits. I have tried making restaurant style paneer curry at home many times and… Continue reading Paneer Capsicum Masala